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Are you looking to rent out your property?

How letting your property should be

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Market Analysis

M&P Estates don't just value property; our market analysis examines both the supply and demand side of the rental market. In addition, we are committed and knowledgeable of local markets, so we'll make sure each step of letting your rental property is smooth and seamless.

It's essential to get a clear understanding of the cost and what your potential rental property is worth before making any decisions.

Property Review

As a leading Letting Agent, we believe that our role is to drive the market forward by advising our clients on how to maximise the letability of their rental property and therefore achieve the best possible price maximising their profit margins.

Assigning A Property Expert

We guarantee our service with No Tie In Contracts. We know that the right agent can make all of the difference when letting out your rental property in the fastest time and at the best price, so they will be there for you throughout the entire process!

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Preparing Your Property For The Market

You may not be able to control the market, but you can certainly give your rental property some TLC, so it's more attractive when renters come knocking. Here are three quick tips for preparing and marketing before showing your property: 

  1. Consider how your property smells. Make sure your property smells fresh.

  2. Make sure all repairs have been done.

  3. Make sure your property has been professionally cleaned.


Photography, Floor Planes & Virtual Tours

Marketing a rental property to achieve the best possible return on investment starts with first impressions. You can do this by using photographs, floor plans, or virtual tours of your rental property. Our experience of doing this has led to our clients achieving high rents. 

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